Rockwell Dance Center

Rockwell Tap Company





This group of dancers combines tap’s rhythm, percussion and musicality to allow the audience to see that aside from being a form a dance, the tap dancer is a virtual musical instrument. Improvisation, call and answer and many exciting approaches will allow our tap company to become more than just another group of dancers! Tappers will combine choreography class with technique classes and have the opportunity to work with master tappers and perform at many venues.




Company Director, Keith Leonhardt

Required Classes:

• 1 Leveled Tap Class (2 is preferred)

• Company Choreography on Tuesdays

• All Companies will have a minimum of 2 pieces of choreography

• Performances: All company dancers are required to perform in A Winter Ballet,

Dancefest and/or DRA SUNY, RDC Tap/Hip Hop Performance, SAM Benefit

Concert and the End of Year Dance Concert. Other performances may present

themselves and it will be up to the dancers/parents if they wish to accept.

• Company Fees: Company Fee: $700  Apprentice Company Fee: $700

Company Costume Fee: $90

Master Class and Performance Fees: $250 (estimate) 

Master Class and Performance Fees: $ To Be Determined

• Minimum 8 dancers Maximum 20